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02 July 2004

Almost an FO

GeraniumsThe knitting is complete on the modified Galway hat! I had both K&A try it on last night and it looks great. It was too late to take pics, though. This hat will have a tassel, which I have yet to make. Because of my DPN clumsiness, there are a couple of wonky stitches to fix, too. (Thanks for sending the link, Yvette; I'll be ordering longer DPNs soon!) There will be pics next week.

In the meantime, here's a picture of some cards that my DH has made for me over the years. They reside on the "architectural" piece that hangs on the wall over our bed, and I snapped this when I was taking the While You Were Out pics a few weeks ago. Geraniums. It's hard to tell (sorry that it's kind of dark), but all the petals on the card at left are heart-shaped. Special.

I pick up M tonight from her week at camp. Can't wait to hear all about it. The week flew by for me, I imagine it was hyper-speed for her! I'll throw in a few loads of laundry and we'll start packing up. We're heading north tomorrow for a long weekend at Dad's; two of my sisters and their families will be there, also. I don't know if there will be opportunities to knit, but I'll bring Tasha (at least) and Be Prepared.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Twin-S called on Wednesday night to thank me for her belated birthday gift (the phone card she was using -- she's SO in the boonies), and to let me know that the baby gift had arrived and was much appreciated. Trevor is so small, his mom thought it might be a year before he'd fit into the outfit. How many times did I put things away for the kids to grow into, only to pull them out too late -- squeeze them in for one wearing before passing it on to someone else. They grow SO fast!

Belated Canada Day wishes to those north of the border, and a happy Independence Day to those south. See ya'll on Tuesday.

Oops. I forgot this. Head over to Wendy's to get yours.


Those are very sweet cards.
Have a great family weekend, hope you get some knitting done!

Have a happy and safe Independence Day!! Enjoy the time with your family!

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