When what to my wondering eyes...

MmakeupThirteen! One day she's mucking around in the creek, catching crayfish. Then she spends a day with a box full of nail polish, painting her nails twenty times trying to find the color she likes best. On another day, she fools around with the box of her Nana's Estee Lauder "free gift" rejects and she's wearing eye shadow. Yesterday, she turned to look at me and she'd added mascara! For crying out loud, this is my BABY!!!

hostacoralhostasblueangelCan you believe how those red coral bell flowers pop out against that light green hosta? I happened to have the camera on my shoulder last night, and had to snap a pic. The one with the garage in the background is a Blue Angel hosta -- it is HUGE! I think this is its third season and it just keeps getting bigger. I'm going to have to move some things around in that garden.

ShirtThis is the seafoam green shirt that K scored for her friend on Wednesday. Isn't it a hoot?

Well, I joined the legs of the baby outfit last night and now I'm looking forward to about 10" of garter stitch over 190+ stitches. Doesn't that sound like fun?? It will be mindless knitting for a while, so I might have to break up the monotony by doing a repeat on the modified Galway hat every now and then.

Click on over to The Knitting Doctor for some great ideas for gadgets and organization. I found a binder, some dividers, and a three-hole punch last night and got started on my own stuff. It's going to take more than one binder! There are so many great patterns out there, and I've printed so many; I'm looking forward to categorizing them.

I'll post pics and more details about the baby outfit on Monday -- there ought to be some good progress by then! Y'all have a good weekend.



Those hostas are amazing, how do you keep the slugs off them?.........One of my teenagers would love that shirt......I sympathise with you losing your BABY, I still have 1 non-teenager and he is my baby, not looking forward to having 3 teenage boys in the house....aaagh......Good luck with the mindless garter stitch.


thanks for your lovely comment on my blog ;0)
i love red coral bells,i grew them at the old house but havent had time to plant any here.they look great with your hostas!


10 was bad enough...I can't even begin to imagine 13. But yours looks so cute. I love her haircut. Your flowers look lovely.


these kids of ours -- mine will be 17 and 14 this summer -- when did that happen??? sniff, sniff

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