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KnittingI've already written about M and her "archaelogical digs" on the hillside -- apparently used as the neighborhood dump 100 years ago or so -- behind our house. Among the most marvelous, treasured gifts that my kids have given me are two old prints that A picked out of the trash (same house around the corner, two successive years) on her way home from school. And not long after we moved to Wisconsin from Oregon, DH brought home the most fabulous box of old, framed photographs that he found on the curb. He's been a "recycler" for a long, long time. When we met, he was on the downhill side of building a house in which he used a lot of salvaged material, and we continue to re-use things in our current home. We have salvaged flooring in the Garden Room, salvaged pillars on the back porch, and (unconventional) salvaged cupboards in our kitchen and bathroom. We have a basement full of salvaged windows, doors, and hardware.

CloseSo, after enjoying a marvelous grilled salmon dinner at Mom's on Father's Day, DH walked home. He went down an alley a block from our house. There was trash. No, he can't pass up a box of old doorknobs, various drawer pulls, and small boxes of various (copper and upholstery) tacks. And an old Bible, given to "Blanche" by her mother in 1904. Inside the Bible were two pictures; one is the photo postcard (unused) that you see here. How amazing is that? Do you see what that man is doing?? Check out the close-up. I don't know if this is my neighborhood or whether that man was a neighbor, but you can bet I'll be checking rooftops. I'm elated -- such treasure! And, yes, M rushed right over to collect some bootie of her own.

In knitting news of this century, I actually sewed up one of the side seams on Summer Sonata! It looks great and I'm very pleased. I'll do the last seam very soon, and then rip and re-knit the neckline. I also worked on the baby outfit and have less than 3 inches of the garter to go before decreases. Progress is good.



wow, what an incredibly cool photo. What will you do with it?


I am so jealous!!! I am a trash picker too and I never find stuff like that!!! ergh.


I love this photo! As a knitblogger you were 'meant' to find it! My husband, G, is also an inveterate recycler, and on one of his forays to 'Urban Ore' he found a shoebox of old photos - photos of us! There we were in our twenties. They were photos our neighbors took of a fourth of july gathering at their house years ago. There were pictures of my parents and of other very dear neighbors now deceased, and of families that have since moved away. It's great to have them! This particular couple had moved away and divorced a number of years earlier, so ...whatever, one of them ditched the photos of happier times. So now we have them!

BTW, I love your blog, and have you on my blogroll.

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