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SwiftbusybackAs I snapped this pic of my new swift, DH commented on the busy background. Well, duh, we live here! I like my swift! It's a Glimakra; I have no idea of age, but I think it's been around. I needed to re-tie it in one spot, and ended up re-tying the whole thing. Then I adorned it with a hank of yarn and wound a nice ball!

Here's the baby outfit. There's barely enough room on the needle for all the stitches, and it's getting heavier all the time. I knit half a row and took a pic on two needles. The "middle" is actually the back; the body is knit in one piece and the button bands will be added to the edges. I took these pics before any knitting yesterday. As of bedtime last night, I'm a little more than half-way through the 10" of garter stitch, and then I'll k2tog, do a little ribbing, and it'll be stripes from the chest to the shoulders. The third pic is pure indulgence. I love close-up photos of knitting (and I love my camera).

CurlyKI nearly bust a gut on Saturday afternoon as M's dog was doing the potty dance by the back door and she was digging around in her purse (yeah, she's carrying a purse these days, too) for LIPSTICK! Gawd. She denies the possibility of a chance encounter with someone whose eye she might be trying to catch while walking the dog. Hmmmm.

On Saturday, a woman at a local department store stopped K in her tracks to feel her hair. I'm showing you this because I am complete in awe, also. K has recently been toying with the idea of getting a perm; however, on a mane of her length and with the end result she hopes for, it would be very expensive. Instead, she's been doing pincurls -- on hair that's to her butt -- and it STAYS! It takes her about 45 minutes to an hour to pin it all up each time. I don't know if she'd even be able to get a perm that would look so good. It kind of reminds me of Louis XIV or something. One day, she'll have it whacked off and give it to Locks of Love -- she'd like to do 20" and perhaps have enough for two.



hi, your swift looks great.In this house I use whichever child is free to wind yarn, though they do moan ...a lot.
K's hair looks fantastic, no perm would look that good.


Her hair is amazing! So beautiful. Lucky girl!
My daughter donated her hair to Locks of Love- a great program.


Love the swift! Gracie, my sister and I are growing our hair for Locks of Love. It is taking forever! K's hair is gorgeous! Love the lipstick for the dog walk...girls!


My swift is one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten. I've been the perm route...wrecks your hair eventually. K's hair is magnificent. Has she tried braiding it while it's wet, and then taking out the braids when it's dry? Often that will get the same effect as the pincurls, and it takes less time to do.

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