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17 June 2004


When I came downstairs this morning, there was a little note from A on the kitchen table. She wished me a good day at work and left three little Kit Kat candy bars. Kids! I welled up -- ya know, it doesn't take much -- but thought it was kind of silly to cry over a note and some candy bars. I'd left a couple week's worth of allowance on the table for her yesterday (with a little bonus), and she did a few loads of laundry for me while I was running around the countryside (she'd been invited, but declined). Well, it was just sweet. I'm sure y'all get the picture.

I will post a picture -- soon -- of the yarn SWIFT that I got yesterday. *Slap* Use the correct terminology! I don't have a huge need for this, but it will certainly be handy. I've tried it all -- getting the kids to stand with outstretched arms (as I remember doing for my mother), draping it over the wing of a chair, even holding it on my own outstretched feet. Yes, this will be handy.

I knit a little bit last night, but I was tired. I went to bed early. I'm hoping to get the point where I join the two pieces together (at the legs) tonight, and then I'll take a pic of that, too. That'll make somewhere around 200 stitches on the needle. After knitting up nearly two skeins of the Cotton Top, I think my hands are getting more used to the yarn (but I still don't like it much).


Oohhhh! a swift! *covet, covet* You lucky duck!

I love notes from the kids, they always do tug at the heartstrings!

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