Much a-doing
Bugs and bikinis

Sun between the clouds

Cotton1They're sayin' that there was a big, boomin' thunderstorm last night with lots of rain. I was awakened only once by lightning, and only because it was like flashbulbs going off in the sky -- I heard no booms, no rain. It is cooler than yesterday by at least 20 degrees and much less humid.

Cotton2This is Cotton Knitting, ed. by Sally Harding, published in 1987. It was one of my thrift store finds a few weeks ago. And this is the top I rather like. My previous knitting heyday was in the '80s and last spring I found all my old craft and knitting magazines from that era. Yowza! Once able to move my eyes from the big hair to the knitting (and I had big hair, once upon a time, myself), there's big knitting -- big, garish, ugly, shapeless knitting. There was an "OMG" with nearly every turn of the page, though, and the grrs and I were quite entertained. I'm not nearly as tall as that model, nor that lanky, nor that long-waisted, nor that thin, but I like this simple design and believe it could be flattering and worth some tinkering time.

Yeah, after I strike a few of the WIPs off of yesterday's list. And, I forgot one. It's one I've never before mentioned, as the knitting, seaming and weaving in are completely finished. It's a long vest I knit from Lamb's Pride Worsted in "Oregano," let's call it the Oregano Vest. I love it and I can't wait to wear it, but I made a big boo-boo. I was so excited to finish knitting (that part was not fun -- a ribbing pattern that killed my hand, wrist and arm), that I forgot to make the buttonholes. I considered crocheted loop buttonholes, or frog-type closures, but neither seems right for this vest. I decided that I'd make buttonholes by machine, and already bought grosgrain ribbon to reinforce both sides, but I'm scared shitless. I'm beyond stalled with this one, I'm nearly frozen with fear -- not so much by the sewing as the actual cutting open of the buttonholes. I know that this has been done, can be done, and will be done, but has anyone out there actually done it? Paired with a gold turtleneck, it will make a very nice ensemble for the weekly Sunday (sometimes Monday) gathering 'round the television this fall to cheer the Green Bay Packers (sans cheesehead).

As far as actual knitting, I started the cabled baby cap last night. Now, I've done a lot of knitting with cotton -- in fact, I love knitting with cotton -- but this stuff is not fun. It's soft when you feel the ball and it's soft when it's knitted up, but it's almost rough as it runs through my hand. I was trying to ignore it last night, and turned a cold shoulder to the label, so I can't even tell you what it is. I did get about a dozen rows under my belt -- lots o' stitches! It's an 8-row repeat, not all that complicated, but it's sure easier when you get through one repeat and have a better feel for what's supposed to happen and can rely more on reading the stitches than the pattern. Pic on Friday.


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