Out to lunch

No yarn, but...

...I have a yarn winder! A few weeks ago, I remembered that one of the friends I had lunch with today, and who was a coworker at the antique mall a few years ago, had a yarn winder she was trying to sell. I wondered if she still had it, and she did! I've had a ball winder for years, so I think I'm set in the winding department.

We had a great lunch and some nice visiting time today. We stopped at a couple of "antique" shops. OMG, it's amazing the kind of crap most of those stores are filled with these days. I didn't find a single thing. K bought a seafoam green, ruffly shirt (the kind sometimes worn to proms and for weddings with a tux) for $1, mostly as a joke for a friend.

I'm pooped and I have some plants to get in the ground. I'm trying to time it right, considering the temperature and the number of mosquitoes.



Will we see a picture of the winder? Sounds like a great lunch. My new favorite antiquey find is Jadeite. I love it. It will be my inspiration for a potential new kitchen.

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