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Knitting injury

I finally finished the freakin' 10" of mindless yellow garter stitch on the baby outfit last night. From the pics I posted the other day, you can see how jammed on the needle those stitches were -- they barely fit. I had to push the stitches down -- hard -- on the needle, and usually the needle was "resting" on my thigh. K nearly fell off her chair last night when I pulled down my pants in the living room to show her the small, round bruises that I have on my right thigh. I'll spare you. You don't even need to thank me. I'm sure you've got quite a picture in your head already! After k2tog over most of the following row, I'm back to a number of stitches that's more manageable on the needle.

Katy asked what I was going to do with the photo postcard featured in yesterday's post. The answer is: I'm not sure. I have a lot of old photographs, especially of women, family groups, children and babies, and weddings -- I absolutely love the settings, props, and clothing. Some of these I have displayed, but mostly they're corralled in a jardiniere and I look through them now and then. That photo postcard is special, though, so I'm going to have to figure out something so I can enjoy it more often.

We've already gone to have A's oil changed (she needs new brake pads, we'll try for next week), and I took K&A to Olive Garden for lunch. I was instructed to leave a good tip; our server, Chris, was "hot" and attentive -- do they usually stop by to ask how the food looks, and then again to ask how the food tastes? With both the salad/soup and again with the entree?? After lunch, A went home while K and I went to a shoe store tent sale (we each found a pair of sandals) and then to a nearby fabric store (I needed good thread). Next up is laundry, what else? DH scraped and primed the back porch floor yesterday, and is painting it today. The biggest challenge of the day will likely be preventing kitties and/or puppy from stepping in maroon floor paint!



Congratulations on finishing the mindless garter stitch, I think I would have given up.
You need to put arnica on those bruises!!!knitting shouldn't hurt, should it?
Hope you managed to keep the pets out of the paint, either that or you have nice maroon pawprints everywhere else!
Your photo from yesterday is fab, I love old photos and have a load I am going to scapbook properly when I have time, someday........


you know that we are getting to be old married women when thigh bruises are from knitting! : )


Wow, that is quite the knitting injury! Love the Olive Garden story. I don't get that much attention when I go out to eat!

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