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I have a sister who lives in SW Kansas. She lives in the country (it's all pretty much "country") and has a darn good view for storm-watching. I like to watch storms, too, but I'm in an old neighborhood in a small city -- tall houses and tall trees block my view.

We had a doozy roll through last night. Emergency sirens went off three or four times (makes for TENSE knitting). A was at a friend's house across town and called from the basement (they'd been trying to have a little backyard fire). I was actually outside, watching the clouds. It was SO weird. We were right on the edge and I could see the clouds rolling and moving -- fast. Then I heard it. Half a block away, some neighbors had a better view. They saw debris flying, and saw a tornado touch down -- across town -- where A was! Thank God she has a cell phone!! I didn't see it; I only heard it, and it was eery. It sounded like a train, just as they say.

It truly is amazing. You always see it on TV, how a tornado smashes one house to smithereens and the one next door is untouched. A was maybe a mile away -- and it was SO different where she was. She saw "birds" flying way up high, and then realized that it was STUFF flying through the air -- that's when they hit the basement. When it was over, she said that insulation was all over the yard and the street -- a building had been damaged a few blocks away. I don't think anyone was injured, but emergency vehicles could be heard for quite a while afterwards.

I saw some of the damage myself on the way to work this morning. Insulation was even hanging from the power lines. There were still a lot of emergency vehicles in the area, and at least one road was closed.

So weird. I did some knitting, but that news will have to wait 'til later.



i havent been too close yet to a storm like that.the worse one we had was a bunch of hail that came down one summer back where i used to live.stupid me sat at the door and watched it with the kids.we never knew that it was a warning sign,we all came from the city then and we didnt know any better.glad you were ok tho ;o)


Oooh scary stuff, glad to hear you are all okay.Its always amazing the amount of destruction the weather causes.


Wow, Mother Nature sure does have ways of making us feel small in the overall scheme of things! Storms like that, and earthquakes, like we have here on the West Coast are not-so-subtle reminders of her fickle nature!!
I'm glad to hear that everyone is okay!


I just drove through SW Kansas - twice! - and am so glad I missed that. I saw plenty of tornadoes growing up in Kansas - I don't miss them at all. Those storms are so crazy and unpredictable. Glad you're safe & sound!

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