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Bugs and bikinis

Macrame1I meant to write about bugs yesterday; you just never know where things are gonna go. I saw both a lightning bug and a june bug the night before last. They both trigger childhood memories. My parents built a house in the mid-60s and a great feature of that house was a walk-in cedar closet (in those days, building a house with a cedar closet was akin to having, say, a whirlpool today). We lived near a river and there was a ravine in the back and lots of lightning bugs. We'd run around the back yard, catch them in jars, and marvel at them up close in the dark, aromatic cedar closet. Invariably, we'd be distracted by other fun summer stuff and in the fall, when the blankets and sweaters started coming out of the closet, Mom would find jars of dead bugs.

June bugs are just stupid. They're innocuous, but they give me the creeps, anyway. They're big, clumsy, bumbly bugs and they buzz something terrible (one can sound like 20) as they bash repeatedly into the screen door and into each other in an oafish way. They often fall to the floor (knock themselves silly?) and buzz and whirl, tying to get back to an upright position and airborne again, or they bounce willy-nilly off the screen and come dangerously close to, well, me! God forbid that one would get caught in my hair. Eeeeewwwwwww.

Neither of these bugs seem as plentiful as they once were; in fact, it seemed that they all but disappeared for a while. (Maybe it was just my location.) It didn't seem right. Love them (lightning bugs) or hate them (june bugs), I am always reassured when I see them.

Mac2Mac3That's Practical Macrame by Eugene Andes, published in 1971. I found this at the thrift store along with yesterday's book. Isn't it great? I just have a weakness for stuff made with "string." I am among those who smirked about the knitted and crocheted bikinis in recent publications. How about macrame?? What comes to mind when I think of a knitted bikini is something that, though perhaps prone to stretch, would at least have a bit of coverage. A crocheted bikini would seem to have a little less coverage -- I think of granny squares and all those holes. But macrame? That's like openwork. Yowza! I just love these knots, though.

I finished knitting the cap part of the cabled baby cap last night, next are ear flaps and ties. I'm not sure if I want to do knitted ties. I'm surprised the pattern was written for flat knitting. Though I'm not an in-the-round knitter, this project was perfectly suited to circulars or DPNs. The dumb yarn is Bernat's Cotton Tots -- the friction as it passes through my hand is unbelievable.



thanks for the comment on my blog! i usually crochet ties instead of knitting macrame is something i havent ever done.what can you macrame other then plant holders? lol


I'd second the idea for crocheted ties on the hat.

Gorgeous macrame! I lived through the 70's & did my share, but I never saw knots like those. It's amazing what you can find in those "out-dated" books. That vest with the long fringe is a hoot!However, somethings are just not meant to be revisited by modern crafters. :::grin:::


Crocheted ties sound good -- like a simple chain, you think? Can't imagine anything too bulky under a wee one's chin. My sister and I actually did macarame as part of a "textiles" art class in high school. She made a couple of amazing hangings (one was 3D) and sometimes incorporated ceramic pieces. They were eventually part of her portfolio for art school. My old, old DMC Encyclopedia of Needlework shows macrame edgings (gorgeous!) for use on upholstered furniture. Maybe I'll snap some pics and post them when I'm feeling nostalgic again...


I would do an i-cord.


The macrame vest and bikini are a total crackup! What a blast from the past!

We don't have lightning bugs where I live here in California, and I was 30 years old before I saw one. One of my favorite things about visiting my husband's family in Virginia during the summer...I get to go out and play with lightning bugs at night!

I'd do an i-cord tie on the baby hat as well. I'll heed your warning about the Cotton Tots yarn! I'm enamoured of Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece these days anyhow!

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