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11 May 2004

Angels and devils

Aaarrrgggh. I do believe I'll be hovering around a sleeve and a half for a little while here. I really need to stop blowing off that inner (knitting angel) voice; even while knitting the first sleeve, I was having some doubts, but the other (knitting devil) voice kept telling me that it would be okay. Not so! The Endless Summer Sonata yarn is great; being a mercerized cotton, it doesn't have much/any give, but the result of this pattern is really quite a stretchy, lightweight fabric. The short sleeves knit along just fine until just past the second eyelet row -- this is where the cap shaping really starts and there are decreases at the end of each row. Perhaps I'm knitting those decreases too tightly at the edge, or maybe I really don't need those selvage stitches, or maybe I'm just tense. Whatever the cause, I'm not happy with the result. The cap edge is tight, almost puckered, and I don't think the devil voice is correct when it tells me that it will all be fine when seamed. So I ripped that second sleeve down to the eyelet row a couple of times last night. I think I'm on the right track now, but the first/finished sleeve is breathing down my neck. Moving backward is never easy, but it's the right thing to do.

The kids only have a half day of school today (I don't know why), so I'll be meeting DH & A at the DMV this afternoon to take care of the title and license for A's new car! Though a 1994 Saturn wagon is not a teenager's dream-mobile, it has four wheels and is good on gas, and we like Saturns at our house!

It's another of those unexpected sunny mornings and I don't even have the lights on in the office! I hope y'all can enjoy a little ray of sunshine today, too!


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