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Not so quick!

As I brushed my teeth this morning, it occurred to me that perhaps it was my knitting of the trim around the armholes of Nancy that made them so tight. I tried it on again and I think that's it. It seems to me that the armholes were even a little roomy before, and maybe I subconsciously tried to take care of that issue! There should be enough yarn left to try a do-over. I love the way it feels and fits, otherwise, and it would be worth it to give it another go. I do want to wear that top, but it has to be comfortable!

I managed to cross more things of my list of things-to-do yesterday than not -- none of it for fun, really. It's amazing how quickly a day off can be eaten up by all the little stuff.

A found some sparkly sandals last night and the prom ensemble is complete. She put on the dress with all the accessories last night -- and even loaded the dishwasher looking like a prom queen. Kids!!

I spent a little time in the garden pulling weeds -- it's a lot easier to find the bleeding heart now! I was able to pull the roots along with the weeds on most.

TV: I watched American Idol on Tuesday night and was impressed with most of the performances. Barry Manilow was the guest judge and he'd spent a lot of time working with all of the contestants -- I think it showed. I was shopping with A, though, so missed last night's results show. K told me that she'd seen the end, when they were split into two groups, and that Fantasia, Jennifer and Latoya were in the lower group, but she didn't see who actually got the boot! So, I checked this morning and it was Jennifer who fell. I don't know if I can continue to watch that show. Poor John Stevens; he knows, and everyone knows, that he should have been gone weeks ago. It's cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion. He's been tortured for weeks, the poor guy.

I was able to sit down at around 8:30 and did a little more knitting on the Summer Sonata sweater. (That sounds like a good name!) There's a big chunk of a k2, p2 pattern and it kills my wrist. I have to take lots of breaks. Audrey will be the same thing with all that ribbing. I'll have to really pay attention and not overdo it.

It's K's 19th birthday today (our eldest); an Earth Day Birthday! It's been tradition to go down on the hill and pick up all the trash that's blown there and otherwise accumulated over the winter months. There's a small web of paths at the bottom where K often walks the dog; there's an additional spot along one of the paths where things tend to accumulate, and she wishes to clean that up, also. The weather is cooperating today -- the sun is shining, but it will only get to about 50 degrees. The weatherman hinted that perhaps by next week we'll have a little warmth to go along with the sunshine!



Happy Birthday to K! 19, ugh, I can't even imagine that. Will we be seeing prom pics? Can't imagine that either...


I can't imagine 19, either, and I never did go to a prom. Oh, yes, I will sure try to show you some pics!

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