A different crowd...
Not so quick!

Nancy -- finis!

Yesterday's plans for Nancy & Cecil were 50% successful. Nancy is completely finished! I looked at Cecil and decided that I didn't want to sew in sleeves last night. I prefer to do that while sitting at a table, and I felt more like sitting in a chair! I looked right past Cecil to that lovely package of Endless Summer Sonata that arrived from elann the day before Easter, and decided to swatch. I'm not always, um, usually, a very good swatcher. I do believe I "swatched" enough to know that I should move from the US6 needles in the directions to US7. I'm looking forward to doing this sweater -- it's been a while since I've done anything with so much pattern, other than cables. The pattern is pictured in the "Looking ahead" album, while last night's progress is shown in "What I'm Working On."

It's a very dreary morning, but I went outside and took some pictures, anyway.

This is the view (looking south) from my back porch. It's really getting green.

The bleeding heart has grown a lot since the last picture. The bud-laden stems are there, but not easily seen in this photo.

This is my bloodroot patch. It's an early-blooming wildflower that just appeared in my garden a few years ago. The patch has been growing every year and I couldn't be more thrilled. See all the teeny-tiny ones?

Here's a close-up -- with raindrops. I love how they look "hooded" and then emerge. The flowers will last a little while, then a nice little seedpod will form and break open, and the leaves will continue to grow quite large.

The morning garden tour is now concluded. Thank you.


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