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Nancy & Cecil

A few weeks ago, as I was closing in on finishing a tank top with some old yarn I had called Nancy, I went off on a wild tear and ordered some Cecil for a cardi to go with it. As the Cecil body was blocking yesterday, I decided that I'd better get to finishing Nancy! I knit a few rows around the back opening and each sleeve opening, and have picked up about half of what I need around the neck. It's looking great! I'm sure I can pluck a suitable button out of my button jar, and we'll be ready to wear.

I ended up washing the Cecil body rather than rolling it in damp towels. I forgot to put my work away one night last week and Mickey, our 9-month-old beagle, ended up wrestling it the next day, I guess. She was Home Alone for about 20 minutes -- probably the shortest length of time she's ever been left alone -- and got into a disproportionate amount of trouble! Anyway, I decided that it best be washed.

My accordion-folding blocking board is great for storage, and fairly portable when I'm blocking things like sleeves that each fit on one panel, but for the body of a sweater knitted together at the shoulders, with brass rods woven up the sides, and sprawled across 3 or 4 panels, it's best left in one spot. One spot that I do not have. I can dream about having such a spot, but knowing how things go, it would quickly be overtaken by the fate that overtakes every other horizontal surface in my home! I managed to move it off the kitchen table last night so we could eat. I unpinned it this morning. Just sleeves, seams and buttons and we'll have a team -- Nancy & Cecil.

I don't know if I'll get to do any knitting today, though, as we're going to see Rod Stewart in Green Bay tonight! We'll be rockin'!!


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