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16 April 2004

It's a birthday!

I've been humming/singing all morning: "I am sixteen, going on seventeen..." Today kicks off our birthday season with A's 17th. She/her friends are planning a little get together tonight -- they insist that she go to the local coffee shop (where they must have something planned) and then they'll come over to our house. Last year, they'd made a big cardboard cake out of boxes and a boy popped out -- in only his underwear! I can't imagine how they'll top that, but I'm sure they will!!

So, 17 years ago today I felt twinges when I woke up, but decided to go to my preggo exercise class, anyway. That certainly got things going a bit more, but I didn't stop there -- went to work to pick up the resume that I'd been working on for my brother AND delivered it to him at his job. Yep, things were really going then. I called my husband (to take me to the hospital) and my mother (to watch K) and did my best to manage 'til they got there. I tried to remain calm -- K wasn't even two and I didn't want to alarm her. I recall laying on the floor with K bouncing a big ball all around me. The troops arrived around 1:30, I continued popping Tums like they were candy in the labor room (heartburn all through that pregnancy -- just the thought of green peppers had me gurgling), and A arrived at 3:30. When they told me she was another redhead, I didn't believe it 'til I saw for myself! Wow!!!

And spring arrived that day. I literally watched the leaves pop out on all the trees from my hospital room. It was Easter Sunday when they let me go -- 70 degrees and we had a picnic dinner outside! Seventeen years... seems like yesterday.

KNITTING: I'm to the shoulders on the Cecil sweater, but was too distracted last night to figure out how I want to handle it from there. The fronts are on holders and I'd really like to do a three-needle bind-off. I picked up the Critter blanket and did some mindless knitting for a change -- it's been a while since I did anything on that! I'll admit that I was tempted to cast on the Sonata, but thoughts of Audrey knocked that idea right out of my head. I stopped by my LYS and though they'd received a shipment of Calmer, they had not received what I'd ordered -- Audrey will have to wait just a little longer. I didn't linger long at the LYS, lest I get in trouble.

I'll be back this afternoon with pictures, as promised.


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