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Having circs in hot, little hand doesn't necessarily mean that one will rush to use them. That means that I didn't do any work on the tank last night. Instead, I opened a drawer in the chest where I stash some of my knitting stuff and saw balls of Lion Brand Homespun in various sizes rolling around, along with a nearly full skein -- mostly the remains of some scarves that my daughter knit.

The Critter Knitters Knit-a-Thon is inescapable in knitters' blogland, and what better use for those little balls than a little critter blankie? It's been on my mind. I'm nearly at the half-way mark for an 18" blanket, but I'll likely have enough to make a larger one. I believe I have some other acrylic yarn (in a different stash spot) that I could use for another one or two.

If you give a girl a cell phone, don't you think she'd call? Don't you think she'd just be dying to use her new phone?? Ali was expected home from cheerleader practice at 6:00 last night. She wasn't home and I hadn't heard from her by 6:30, so I called her! She was at a local home improvement store with some cheerleader friends, trying to hunt down a boy they know who works there; then they were going to a bridal shop to try on prom dresses. "Oh, I meant to call you." Well, too bad for you, missy, we're having artichokes (the kids' new favorite). And no, I don't have $350 for a prom dress, even if it is your favorite color.



Ooh...proms, I can't even imagine. Sweet 16's are huge here in NY. That's only 6 years away. And my daughter is desperate for a cell phone. :) I just bought a skein of homespun for my critter knitter blanket. :)


girls & cell phones -- we gave both of our daughters phones for Christmas. Everytime I call my younger one, I get her voice mail!! grrrr....


As of last night, all that's missing for prom are the shoes. She's leaning toward flip-flops for comfort and there are some fancy ones showing up in the store. She'll be all sparkly in rhinestones! The phones are working out well and so far, they call me 100 times more than I call them. That's OK by me!

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