75 on Wednesday

Let's hope that forecast holds, as that's my day off. It's supposed to be windy, but who cares? I'll be going to lunch with Mom and a former co-worker, then a possible trip to a gardening place, but I'm sure I'll find time to enjoy the warmth!

I had intended to have pics to post this morning, but M forgot that I needed some computer time and shut it all down before I had a chance. Oh, well. They're old pics already, anyway! I didn't do any more work on Cecil yesterday, but did photograph it, and I'm liking the way it fits! I have passed the armholes and am about half-way through the armhole decreases on the back of Summer Sonata. I keep saying this, but I like it more and more, and K commented on how nice it looked last night, too. I don't even think it's something that she'd ever want to wear, but I'm glad that she can appreciate it! It was darn chilly here this weekend, and she was wearing the VK cabled sweater (shown in Recently Completed) that I knit for her in Rowan's Polar. It feels great to have made something that's become a fave! She's hinted that she'd like another in a gold color. With the right shade, it would be a knock-out -- especially with her hair.

You may recall that I went to see Rod Stewart a week ago, and that I couldn't even say when I'd last been to such a concert. Well, I'm going to another one -- two in less than a month! FLEETWOOD MAC!! I have two tickets, a generous gift from my employer!! I've regretted passing up a chance to see them 20+ years ago, but not this time. My husband and K were the only two who'd have an interest in going with me, and when I asked what their interest was on a scale of 1 to 10, K said 11, so she's the one. We'll have a blast!!

Woo hoo!


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