Where's the sun?

I've heard rumors that the sun is supposed to shine this afternoon; I hope they're true. It's almost afternoon and all I can say is that it might be a bit brighter than it was at 10:00. Meanwhile, it has been warmer the past couple of days, but quite damp. I saw my first worm today (haven't seen a robin yet).

I made progress on Sonnet last night while watching the pairs' and men's finals in the World Figure Skating Championships. It seemed to start rather slowly and a bit lackluster, but it didn't take long for the competitors to show up. You know it's good when even Dick Button is speechless (as he was a time or two). Go Johnny Weir! I easily get caught up in the emotion and intensity (when it's there) and that was the case last night. I hope the women are as spectacular on Saturday night.

Sonnet. As mentioned earlier, I'm using some Cotton Top that I've had in my stash f-o-r-e-v-e-r. I'd originally bought it to knit a sweater for my husband, though I'm not sure we were even married at the time, so the reason I never knit it may have been a subconscious boyfriend-sweater thing. I recall that it was going to be mostly off-white with some tan stripes and a tiny bit of a reddish color for accent. I knit a scarf with the reddish stuff last winter, so that's gone. Sonnet is being made with the remaining two colors; the off-white for all the garter stitch and the tan for all the box stitch. I may run out of off-white... I just cast off for the second armhole, so it won't be long before I've finished the body and I'll be able to get a grip on the yarn situation. I think short sleeves might be an option, and my Sonnet would be more of a top than a cardigan; Patons Cotton Top is not a heavy yarn at all, and this could work.


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