Off to sunny Florida!

What are you wearing?

I sewed the side seams of the tank last night. I was wearing "jeans" (back to that in a minute) and that little top is going to look so great with anything denim! There's something about the light yellow and white in combination with denim blue! My next new project is definitely going to be a summery, cotton denim cardi to wear with it! I'll need a list (hopefully, short) of possibilities.

I was really drained last night, though, so I could barely even think about the knitting that still needs to be done around the armholes and neck -- and there's not much, really. I tried the tank on this morning when I was getting ready for work, and it fits nicely. The fabric is very soft and it drapes well. I believe it is the only yellow thing in my entire wardrobe.

So, back to "jeans." I was actually wearing denim pants -- with an elastic waist. I don't think they're really called blue jeans. In my 40-plus years of living and as the owner of many a pair of jeans, I've had maybe one pair that were even close to fitting correctly AND being comfortable. Of course I wore jeans all the time in my teens and early adulthood -- and suffered a pinch somewhere with each and every pair. One discovers the wonder of an elastic waist during pregnancy... From there, I was "fortunate" enough to ease right into the time when leggings (stretchy in all directions!) were all the rage. I'm sure I wore leggings a little longer than was fashionable, though not as long as some.

"Mom, are you wearing flairs??!" That was Maddy's reaction to my attire a couple of days ago. I was wearing a new pair of jeans -- yes, flairs, with a zipper and a button even, AND they're even hipsters. Yikes. It didn't take me long to discover that passion-killer underwear, which work fine with pants, is not the undergarment that goes with hipsters. Gawd. Now I have to go shopping for new underwear (I did find one bikini-ish pair WAY in the back of my drawer). "Bikini" has not been in my wardrobe vocabulary (under, over or stand-alone) for quite some time!  I wore this style of jeans before -- back in the day when they were called hip-huggers -- and once I get the underthing going, it'll all be good again.

"Yeah, I'm wearing flairs. So what?"


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