What are you wearing?

Off to sunny Florida!

Yeah, I wish... I just saw Katie off. She's heading to Florida for 10 days with a friend and former (as of his last day on Friday) co-worker. This was something they planned to do at Christmas, but it got put off. Now her friend is leaving for a stint in the Navy in a few weeks, so this is their last hurrah. They took my car, so I'll be driving the hippiemobile. Ali may get desperate and want me to teach her how to drive it (standard transmission); mine's an automatic and she's never felt the need to learn the other -- 'til now.

Katie took the digicam, so no pics of progress; perhaps I'll learn to use the webcam.

I took K&A shopping for phones last night. I definitely wanted Katie to have a phone for the trip and (wouldn't you know?) it's just a few weeks 'til their birthdays, and Ali wants one, too! I've been considering everything under the sun, and finally decided to go with prepaid -- Virgin Mobile to be exact. These are the first cell phones in our household; I have no idea how they will be used; I don't have money to throw away on unused minutes; this seemed the best way to test the waters. I bought the phones, they'll buy the airtime, I think we're all happy.

Birthday season is fast approaching, so it's nice to have these two things taken care of. They were all born in April, so it is a "season." Katie will be 19 on the 22nd, Ali will be 17 on the 16th, and Maddy will be 13 on the 25th; we'll be surrounded by teenagers! They are all so wonderful...

In knitting news, we ended up at Target (no knitting stuff) for the phones so I didn't get the circular needles that I need to finish the tank top. I sewed the shoulder seams and dealt with ends on Sonnet, instead. I still haven't decided exactly what I'm going to do about sleeves. I was able to try it on, though, now that there are shoulders, and I like it!


Oh yeah, I ordered some yarn from elann yesterday -- 17 balls of Schoeller Stahl Cecil (51% cotton, 49% acrylic) in Navy at $2.25 each. It looks like it's a pretty dark navy, but I may make this into the summer cardi that's destined to be worn with the tank.

I saw some tulips coming up by the deck this morning, and the grass is looking green rather than brown!


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