Blazing sun
Where's the sun?


I've had better days off...

On the bright side, I had lunch with my mom and she rode along with me while I ran a few errands. We just had to stop at a couple of shops, too! I used to see her at least three mornings a week when we'd go to Curves, but I started a new job at the end of December and my work schedule and Curves' schedule just don't mesh. When I can, I try to make a little "Mom Time" on my days off; I miss her.

So I did all that great day-off-stuff (seems to imply relaxation, doesn't it?) like balancing checkbooks and paying bills, doing laundry. I finally tired of sticking to certain spots of the kitchen floor, so also some cleaning...

I sat down to work on Sonnet while watching American Idol. Wow, I thought Matt sang his song so much better last night after being voted off than he did the night before. Singing a love song to Simon was kind of weird, though. I got sucked into that show big time last year (never saw a single episode the first year), and I guess I'm back. Jon Peter -- am I alone in thinking that he looks like he would fit right in on That '70s Show?

I got a lot done on Sonnet last night and I THINK I'm going to like it when it's finished. I just started on the second box stitch portion of the back (did one 4-row repeat). In more knitting news: I splurged a few weeks ago and joined Rowan International and received all my stuff on Tuesday. Yay!! It's all gorgeous and I can't wait to get started.

I did not get around to taking any pictures yesterday, as I'd hoped. The light was not so good. The next few days are supposed to be brighter -- and warmer!


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