Movie madness

Blazing sun

There's just nothing like a bright, sunny, very early spring day. I keep traipsing around the yard, even though I know it's just a bit early to expect anything fun. Two of my favorite things to watch for are the bleeding heart and the hostas. Once the bleeding heart starts to emerge, it practically explodes; it's a big ol' thing, and its vigor astonishes me every single year. I have quite a few different varieties of hosta and they grow pretty fast, also, but I especially love to catch them when they just begin to poke through.

I watched "crime time" TV (CSI Miami) by myself last night; my eldest daughter is usually my cohort, but she had other things to do. Too bad because her favorite character (Speed) had more of a featured role last night than usual.

Tomorrow is my day off and, hopefully, between having the oil changed, grocery shopping, laundry and other errands, I'll be able to take some pics and get them posted -- and do some knitting.


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