Where's the sun?
What are you wearing?


This is one view of our "Garden Room." The plants are all very anxious to get back outside! This room has SE exposure and is painted a nice, light, sunny yellow -- there is natural wood on the floor and ceiling, a big utility cupboard, huge windows, two doors and a doorway all in this tiny little room, so the yellow doesn't even have a chance at seeming too-too. The Garden Room is off the kitchen and in full view from my spot at the kitchen table. Even on the dreariest of days (and these past few are right up there), it can brighten my mood.

It will certainly be a while before the breeze will be blowing through any of those leaves, but in outdoor garden news, I saw sedum sprouts, and the snowdrops on the hillside will soon be blooming.

My husband and I went to see our second-born, Ali, perform in a regional vocal competition; she was part of a triple trio (minus one, or is that a double trio plus two?). I love hearing kids sing, and this was no exception. Our high school vocal director is amazing and it shows in competitions such as these (the judge couldn't think of anything the jazz choir could improve on!) and in the school concerts and musicals.

On Friday, Katie went to Milwaukee with a friend to attend a concert, and then drove to Madison to stay the night at my sister's before visiting with friends at UW. She was pooped when she got home! She's working today and then she and Al will be going to another concert tonight!

I have managed to do a bit more knitting on Sonnet over the weekend. I'm on the last stretch of garter stitch for the body. The yarn situation is tense...

When the weather was supposed to be sunny, it was not; and right now, we're supposed to be experiencing rain, but the sun is definitely winning out. It's spring!


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